“Kazinform” International News Agency JSC is the leading news agency, the first news agency in Kazakhstan to gain international status.

Over the past 100 years Kazinform has proved to be a reliable and real-time source of information about the politics, economy, education, healthcare, sports, culture and other key areas of life in Kazakhstan and its society.

Kazinform is also the official source of information about the day-to-day functioning of the Presidential Administration, Parliament, Government, regional authorities, state financial and industrial structures.

Nowadays Kazinform focuses on the following areas:

– state information policy;

– literary content;

– history;

– entertainment content;

– multimedia;

– SMM.

Kazinform covers news in Kazakh, Russian, English, Chinese and Uzbek. It also uses the Latin-based Kazakh alphabet and the Arabic alphabet to provide news to our compatriots residing abroad.:

– The first-ever international news agency in Kazakhstan www.inform.kz;

– news agency www.baigenews.kz;

– The news agency providing news in Kazakh www.baq.kz;

– The news agency covering the progress in implementation of Kazakhstan-2050 program www.strategy2050.kz;

– The official website of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan www.primeminister.kz ;

– The web portal dedicated solely to literature www.adebiportal.kz;

– The web portal dedicated to history of Kazakhstan www.e-history.kz;

– The entertainment and education web portal www.el.kz (assembly.kz);

– The video web portal www.kaztube.kz;

– The one and only official source for the official coronavirus statistics in Kazakhstan www.coronavirus2020.kz.

The headquarters of Kazinform International News Agency JSC is located in the heart of Nur-Sultan. It also has a branch office in the cultural center of the country, Almaty city.

Kazinform’s network of correspondents has no analogues in Kazakhstan. 15 correspondents in all regions of the country and branches in Russia, China, Turkey, Europe, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Jordan enable sure the Agency to timely cover everything that is happening in Kazakhstan and beyond its borders.

Kazinform’s users and readers reside in all countries of the world.

Kazinform excels by preserving the best traditions of journalism, using innovative approach to creating the quality content, updating its equipment and relying on teamwork of highly skilled professionals who work for the agency.

Kazinform’s team consists of well-known TV and radio journalists, winners of the Presidential Prize as well as winners of the international and regional competitions, recipients of honorary titles and awards.


Kazinform maintains partnerships with about 50 news agencies from all corners of the world, including the world’s top media partners, namely TASS (Russia), IRNA (Iran), ANSA (Italy), YONHAP (the Republic of Korea), MONTSAME (Mongolia), Anadolu Agency (Turkey), Kyodo (Japan), MTI/DUNA (Hungary), UzA (Uzbekistan), FENA (Bosnia and Herzegovina), АZERTAС (Azerbaijan), TREND (Azerbaijan), Armenpress (Armenia), BelTA (Belarus), MENA (Egypt), Xinhua (China), KHOVAR (Tajikistan), KABAR (Kyrgyz Republic), Tatar-inform (the Republic of Tatarstan), Bashinform (Bashkortostan), TASR (Slovak Republic).

Additionally, Kazinform is a member of the Organization of News Agencies in Asia and the Pacific (OANA), the Association of National News Agencies of the CIS Member States (ANIA), the Organization of News Agencies of the Turkic Speaking Countries (TSC) and Belt and Road News Network (BRNN).

History pages

1920 – establishment of the first Kazakh news agency – Orenburg-Turgay ROST department

1925 – it was renamed into KazROST agency Т

1937 – the Agency is transferred to the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR under the KazTAG name

1997 – the Agency is renamed into the republican news agency KazAAG

2002 – JSC NC KAZINFORM is established on the basis of KazAAG

2008 – JSC NC KAZINFORM joins JSC National Information Holding “Arna Media”

2013 – KAZINFORM International News Agency LLP is established

2020 – JSC KAZINFORM International News Agency is established by merger with JSC Kazkontent

Former heads of Kazinform News Agency:

Arkady Vyatich-Kirillov

Kassym Sharipov

Kakimzhan Kazybayev

Zhumagali Ismagulov

Amangeldy Akhmetalimov

Murat Arenov

Gadilbek Shalakhmetov

Janai Omarov

Dauren Diyarov

Assel Tulegenova

Umarov Askar

Board of Directors

Balaeva Aida

Chairperson of the Board of Directors

Oyshybaev Kemelbek

Member of the Board of Directors

Akhmetov Erbol

Member of the Board of Directors

Kurbantaev Lazizbek

Member of the Board of Directors

Yesembaev Nurlan

Member of the Board of Directors

Omarov Kambar

Member of the Board of Directors

Aydarbekova Saltanat

Member of the Board of Directors


Joint-Stock Company “Kazinform” International News Agency

Contact information:

3, Akhmeshit Str., BC Park Line, Nur-Sultan city 010000 the Republic of Kazakhstan. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., tel.: +7 7172 95-40-50

Number and date of the certificate of registration and name of the body which issued the certificate:

№ KZ20VPY00025956 as of 17.08.2020, the Committee of Information and Archives of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Information about members of the Board of Kazinform INA:

Kazinform Board members hold the citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Currently, they do not hold other positions as well as are not board members of other organizations.
They do not have shares of Kazinform, its contractors and competitors.

Совет Директоров

И.о. Председателя Правления

Кулумбетова Зарина Мерекеевна

Заместитель председателя

Тлеукенов Арман Алебекович

Корпоративный секретарь

Алина Гульназ Жолатовна

Главный бухгалтер

Токмурзина Гульнара Туяковна

Организационная структура